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The Broomfielder

Guests and Food and Drink! Oh My!

Nov 02, 2019 01:34PM
Guests and Food and Drink! Oh My!
It’s the Holiday Season! What Should You Serve?
'Tis the season to gather and eat and drink! But which drinks go best with your party menu? Unless you have a personal sommelier … a trip to the liquor store can be overwhelming and confusing. We asked Total Beverage for some tips.
The Broomfielder: I am interested in hosting a heavy hors d'oeuvre cocktail party for the holidays. I would like to serve wine and seasonal finger foods like mini beef wellington and tiny prime rib sandwiches, with roasted tomatoes and brussel sprout kabobs and maybe garlic fingerling potatoes. I also plan to have traditional fruit and cheese boards, as well as holiday cookies. What wine selections would you recommend?

Total Beverage: “Fantastic menu choices! For the mini beef wellingtons, I would recommend a medium bodied Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir. An easy drinking Chianti pairs well with the roasted tomatoes and a vegetal wine, like a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or an Oregon Pinot Gris, is a fantastic pair to the brussel sprout kabobs. For the fruit and cheese board, all the above suggestions would suit most tastes. Aside from a super salty cheese against a tannic Cab, I'm never met a block of cheese and a bottle of wine that didn't like each other. The one wine still needed: a sweet wine for those sweet wine enthusiasts! So, throw in there a Moscato D'asti - perfect with those holiday cookies.” - Kurt Mayo, Sommelier and Corporate Wine Buyer at Total Beverage

The Broomfielder: Every holiday season is bound to include one turkey or ham feast. Can you suggest some appropriately paired wines for guests who like both white and red wines?

Total Beverage: “Turkey vs. Ham: a good rule of thumb is that you don’t want to go with too heavy of a red wine. A Spanish Tempranillo, Pinot Noir, or a Beaujolais are light enough to let the main course shine. A medium weight Albarino, Dry Riesling, or Gewurztraminer pair with both dishes nicely, and if your guests like sweet wines, try a Sweet Riesling. Another tip: when pairing wines with foods, pair your wine with the sauce, just as much as you do the meat. It’s an important part of the meal!” - Kurt Mayo, Sommelier and Corporate Wine Buyer at Total Beverage

The Broomfielder: Wine is fine, but I want to warm up my party a bit more. Do you have any tips for hosting a gathering centered around bourbon and whiskey tasting? Which brands should I bring to the table and what snacking foods would go best with this theme?

Total Beverage: “Whiskey certainly is a popular Holiday libation, and a general rule with pairings is to pair food that either compliments or contrasts the flavors in the whiskey. For example, rye whiskey and scotch pair well with smoked salmon, but a whiskey with smokier flavors works with aged cheddar, or you can try softer cheeses like brie with light or fruit forward whiskeys. Apple slices or warm apple pie goes really nicely with the brown sugar and caramel flavors in many bourbons. However, if you’re having a full whiskey tasting, it’s best to keep the food simple, so as not to overwhelm your palate with foods that are too salty or sweet. Dark chocolate, sliced baguettes, milder cheese, and sliced crudite will keep the palate cleansed and compliment the bourbon or whiskey.” -Zach Pearson, Total Beverage Westminster Store Manager and Whiskey Enthusiast

Broomfielder Q: I would love help planning beverage menus for several holiday gatherings this year. How can Total Beverage help me?

Total Beverage A: “Look no further! Total Beverage is your one stop shop for Holiday beers, wines, and spirits. We’ve got over 16,000 items in store, and offer convenient same day delivery, in store pickup, curbside pickup (for when it’s too chilly to leave your car!) through our website,, and our app. If you’re planning a dinner party, our in store experts can help you select the perfect pairing wines and spirits for your guests that are right on budget. For larger personal or corporate events, the Total Beverage event planning department can coordinate an event discount, venue delivery or store pickup, plus we will buy back any unopened product, so you don’t have to worry about buying too much. Just visit the customer service desk in store to get a quote!” -Rick Morgan, President of Total Beverage