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The Broomfielder

Fonda Aims to Create Family Environment for Broomfield’s Seniors

Oct 01, 2019 07:19AM
By Megan Eichner

Fonda Buckles is the Senior Services Manager for the City and County of Broomfield.
She began her current position in May, 2018, but has spent the majority of her career
working in Human Services.

Part of that time was spent working for Broomfield Health and Human Services in the
Children and Family Services department. From that experience, she said she learned
that, “I especially loved working with the aging population.” This led her to pursue her
passion by working with the demographic during her time with the State of Colorado
Department of Human Services in Adult Protective Services. Her work in the program
was focused on initiatives to protect at-risk adults from abuse and neglect.

She found her way back to Broomfield in her current position, of which she said, “I was
elated when I heard that my current position was open because I have always wanted to
work at Broomfield Senior Center.” Fonda is dedicated and passionate when it comes to
caring for people of all ages and abilities. Her daily duties are focused around the
programs that Senior Services runs in order to provide for the daily needs of members of
our community. Each day begins with preparations for the Meals on Wheels delivery.
Volunteers deliver up to 130 meals to “older adults in the Broomfield area who are either
home-bound or unable to prepare meals.”

After the Meals on Wheels preparation is finished for the day, Fonda transitions to
preparations for the Lakeshore Cafe. The Lakeshore Cafe is a weekday congregate meal
site which provides fresh meals made daily. Attendees are able to enjoy a well-prepared
meal and share in conversation with other Broomfield residents.

Another one of Fonda’s responsibilities is organization for Easy Ride transportation. This
is a grant-funded transportation program that serves adults who are 60 years of age or
older as well as adults with disabilities. The Easy Ride program serves Broomfield
residents in need by providing approximately 100 trips each day.

Besides these major programs, the Senior Center also offers educational classes, support
groups, volunteer opportunities, assistance with special circumstances and resources,
active adult trips, drop-in activities, and Caregiver Respite. Fonda strives to make sure
the programs provided by Broomfield Senior Services are meeting the needs of the aging
adults in our community. She said, “We want to create a fun place where aging adults can
come and enjoy and participate in a multitude of programs.” The success of the daily
programs depends on the dedicated work of the volunteers who cook and deliver meals,
and drive to provide rides.

Fonda is extremely proud of the volunteer force that allows the Broomfield Senior Center
to take care of our elderly community members. One of her goals is to increase volunteer
participation so that the outreach programs can be expanded to help more people. Some
of Fonda’s best experiences as the Senior Services Manager are simply enjoying daily
conversations with the people who come in to have lunch through the Lakeshore Cafe
program. She finds it to be a great opportunity to get immediate feedback that influences
improvements to the programs and services that her department provides. She is also able
to make new and meaningful relationships each week. Fonda makes this all possible by
creating an atmosphere where community members can feel like they are “part of a very
big family.”

Her team is also able to make their services feel welcoming by making them more
accessible through education. The monthly outreach group provides information to aging
adults about all of the services offered throughout the city and county. Through this
initiative, she says they have been able to educate and serve many adults who otherwise
would have gone without assistance, sometimes for basic needs.

Fonda wants the Broomfield community to know that she loves her job and she is
dedicated to making sure our community aging services are available to all. She invites
everyone to stop by the Senior Center to enjoy lunch, meet a new friend, enjoy a class, or
participate in a group activity. If you are new to the program or new to the area, Fonda
encourages you to “Say hello, we all love making new friends.” For more information on
participating in or volunteering for Broomfield Senior Services programs, please visit the
Senior Center or .