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The Broomfielder

Broomfield’s Parks – A True Community Asset

Aug 31, 2019 07:53AM
By Bette Erickson

We’re fortunate here in Broomfield: every residence, including every
apartment building, is within a half-mile (a ten-minute walk) to a park or
designated open space. Studies show nature is a powerful therapy for all
ages in reducing depression, obesity, and attention deficit disorder.
Spending time outdoors, particularly in parks and forests, has been
shown to increase the ability to concentrate in both children and adults.
Broomfield has more than 281 miles of trails, more than 700 acres of
developed parks, and 45 playgrounds.

Parks and shelters are open to the public unless the facility has been
reserved. A reservation and paid permit allow patrons sole use of a
specific facility for a specified time. A permit is required for all large
organized events, live bands, inflatable use, water use, and for alcohol
consumption. To make a reservation, submit a request through

Questions may be directed to the Broomfield Reservation Line 303-464-
5509. If you wish to have alcohol at your event, a separate Alcohol
Permit must be completed and returned with the Park Reservation
Request form. Requests are processed in the order they are received and
booked based on availability. Reservations are not final until you’ve
received confirmation from Broomfield Recreation Services.
Following is a list of the parks and amenities in Broomfield with their
locations and amenities. For a complete interactive video describing
Broomfield parks, visit

As parents, caregivers, and city planners, we are aware of global threats
to our environment, and yet at no time in history have our kids been so
separated from routine and direct experience in nature.
So why not try a new park with your youngsters? Get outside with the
ones you love, pack a picnic, and explore all that Broomfield has to