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The Broomfielder

Broomfield Pool Manager Makes a Difference Every Day

Aug 31, 2019 07:34AM
By Megan Eichner

In our July Issue we interviewed Debra Pfaff, the flower lady of Broomfield, to recognize her
hard work and dedication to our community. We asked her to nominate another Broomfield
employee who deserves recognition for their commitment and impact. She pointed us to the
local pools and Dawn Rachjaibun.

As the Program Manager of Aquatics in Broomfield, Dawn is responsible for “anything and
everything related to a swimming pool.” Her career and passion for pools began when she
became a Lifeguard and Swim Lesson Instructor in Arvada. She was promoted to Pool Manager
and eventually full-time Aquatics Coordinator for what is now the Apex Recreation Center in
Arvada. She then became Program Manager of Aquatics in Broomfield. She said it “was the
best move of my life!”

Dawn speaks very highly of her staff of 200, most of which are teenagers. She is amazed by the
work they do every day to improve the safety and health of our community. As Program
Manager, she said, “our mission in Aquatics is to offer a variety of aquatic programs and
activities to persons of all ages and abilities to promote health, fitness, and fun in and around
the water. We are committed to preventing accidents and educating the community about how
to enjoy the water safely.” Her sense of purpose comes from seeing kids, families, adults, and
seniors enjoying the swimming pools by playing, learning, and exercising.

Every day of work is different for Dawn, but her priorities are always set on safety, training,
customer service, and swimming and water exercise lessons. Her positivity and enthusiastic
attitude allow her to handle any challenge that her job presents, including communications and
work with other city divisions. Dawn recognizes the importance of community feedback in order
to best serve the patrons of the pools. She takes time to talk with visitors to make sure they are
enjoying their experiences. Based on the feedback she receives, she and her staff work closely
to answer questions, solve problems, and improve operations. When she is not helping with
daily pool operations or swimming lessons, she is working at her desk to manage new projects
and schedule staff.

If you asked Dawn, she would say the year only has two seasons: summer and not summer.
Unlike most people’s definition of summer, the summer season begins in January for Dawn,
when planning and preparation begins for the Bay Aquatic Park. This includes hiring new
lifeguards, lifeguard safety training classes, and teaching time for new swimming lesson
instructors. By the month of May, all aquatics operations are running in high gear. It is such a
busy time that “there are more swimming lessons held in the months of April and May than any
other month of the year.” When summer is ending, Dawn’s focus shifts to staffing. When it’s
time for kids to go back to school, most of the lifeguard staff goes with them so it can be a
challenge to keep the pools fully staffed during the day when all of the facilities are still open.

After the Bay is winterized in September, Dawn has time to focus on other projects and planning
for the next year.

Some of the other projects Dawn has worked on include the Mini Haha Triathlon, the design of
the Paul Derda Recreation Center, and the current renovation of the Broomfield Community
Center. The Mini Haha Triathlon was created by Dawn and a few other employees in 2001 as a
way to give recreational athletes and families a way to experience the sport as well as create
new fitness goals. This event is perfectly named, “Mini ‘cuz it’s short, Haha ‘cuz it’s fun!” Dawn
says the success of the event comes from the supportive and happy attitudes of the

Dawn was also on the team that created the Paul Derda Recreation Center, and she enjoyed
collaborating with architects, contractors, construction teams, community members, and staff to
make the center into the fantastic place we know and love. The “dedicated and passionate team
truly had the hearts of the community in mind.” Once again they are using this same focus in the
design and renovation of the Broomfield Community Center. Dawn is excited to see the new
facilities and swimming pools available to our community in the fall of 2020!