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The Broomfielder

Broomfield at the Box Office: MIB International

Jul 02, 2019 09:06AM

By Missy Ruzicka

Men In Black International may not be destined for the red carpet next awards season, but it is popcorn worthy!

When I first saw the trailer for MIB International I was excited, albeit confused trying to imagine a MIB movie without Will Smith. Turns out it’s pretty easy to maintain the formula simply by adding Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth as the start of a great new cast. Before you ask, yes, these are the same two we just saw fighting aliens in Thor; Ragnarok, but in MIB they are playing humans, not the God of Thunder or Valkyrie, yet still fighting aliens with the same great chemistry seen in Thor.    

We have rookie Agent M (Thompson), teaming up with the dashing Agent H (Hemsworth), and together gaining a CGI sidekick named Pawny, voiced by Kumail Nanjiani, who rounds out the team of alien peacekeepers rather nicely. The movie has everything you’ve come to expect from a MIB movie, but with an international flair. We have hidden headquarters around the globe, MIB informants tucked in every marketplace, and of course we have a crisis that if not taken care of quickly will end all civilization on earth as we know it. Sound familiar? It is and that’s why this recipe works.  

We know the elements include two cool agents dressed in sharp suits driving fast cars, using never-seen-before tools and really imaginative guns, rushing around trying to maintain the secrecy of aliens living among us, all with the help of the Neuralyzer.  

The beautiful and talented Emma Thompson plays Agent O, who is in charge of the New York office and the ever-cool Liam Neeson plays Agent High T, who is in charge of the London branch.  Agent O sends over her newest rookie Agent M to work with the London Branch of MIB to solve the mystery of the week courtesy of twins played by the crazy talented dancers Laurent and Larry Bourgeois, from World of Dance. The pair has a cool robotic and unhuman way of moving that really sells the idea that they are not of earth. We are quickly swept up in a chaotic journey and whisked around the globe in this fast-paced adventure which is definitely popcorn worthy!

If you are looking for an original thought-provoking mystery, this might not be for you.  Hemsworth and Thompson don’t try to fill Smith and Jones shoes, for everyone knows there is nothing that will ever beat the originality and chemistry of the first MIB including MIB 2 and 3.  Agent M and H do have their own style and way of doing things which quickly endear them to us, and throw in the cute Pawny sidekick and you have a fun night at the movies.  

Remember Zed (Rip Torn) told us in the very first MIB that there is a galactic crisis every day that threatens life here on earth. So, if you go into this movie simply expecting to hear another tale of how our galactic heroes save not only each other but the entire universe from certain doom, you are sure to enjoy this summer blockbuster.  

Photo credit:  Shutterstock