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A Positive Perspective on Family Summer “Stress”

Jun 03, 2019 11:58AM

By Lisa Payne

I read two really good articles last month.  One was about how crazy busy the month of May can be, and that it is as expensive as Christmas with teacher gifts and parties, and therefore should be renamed Maycember.  I found that hysterical.  I also read another article that recognized that mom’s get the short end of the stick with Mother’s Day being in May.  I mean, come on.  It is one of the busiest months of the school year and with all the sports and events on top of it, we end up sitting at tournaments all day anyway.  There is no time for a fancy brunch or relaxed BBQ.  I agree with that article.  We are a little cheated.  And then Father’s Day swoops in during the very calm, relaxing, cheerful month of June.  Summer has begun, the sun is warm, and everyone is happy.  Hmmmm.

As we come into June, I do believe there is a little stress involved (just not as much as May). The kids are home full-time and I no longer get anything done.  I can’t seem to keep food in the fridge for very long, and my house is a constant mess. I find nerf gun darts in my light fixtures.  There are food stains on the carpet and water stains on the leather couch.  The front door is already broken from constant use and I am up at night thinking that I am a bad mom because I don’t make my kids read every day or practice their math facts.  I worry I should schedule better, and make them do chores more consistently and clean more.  But there is no time for me!

And then this single fact takes my breath away:  I have seven more summers left with my oldest. SEVEN.  Then he is off to college.  Some of you have just one or two years left, or maybe none.  Whenever I think that summer is a big chaotic mess, I am able to come back and center myself with this one thought.  I count the summers I have left.  In an instant I could care less about the mess and the broken door, and that I live at the grocery.  I don’t care that I have no alone time.  I can see the broken door as a reminder that my kids and all their friends are running in and out because they are playing and not on technology. The stains on the carpet and couch are stories.  The nerf gun darts are reminders that a good time was had.  When my fridge is empty, I am thankful I was able to feed this crew and give them nourishment to go play hard.  This is going to end.  You don’t get this time back.  I can see the positive and as I do, the stress melts away.  Keep this thought in the back of your mind during the chaos and stress.

For another way to counter stress in life, try this great exercise from Jill Keuth, Life Coach and author ( “A great way to shift during these stressful times is to stop, take three deep breaths and ask yourself ‘What am I grateful for in this moment?’ This quick exercise will refocus you on the present moment and can be used during any stressful moment in life.”

Happy June, happy summer, and cheers to being a relaxed mom this summer!

(Photo Credit:  Shutterstock)