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The Broomfielder

Broomfield at the Box Office: Aladdin

Jun 03, 2019 11:41AM

By Missy Ruzicka

***Caution:  Spoilers Ahead***

We all know that Disney is an amazing movie making machine but sometimes it can seem like they run out of ideas or just make sequels/remakes that arguably are not worth our money. Pocahontas 2, Cinderella 2, Jungle Book 2, and Peter Pan:  Back to Neverland come to mind.  Changing our favorite animated movies into live action isn’t anything new either.  When I heard they were going to do just that with one of my favorites, Aladdin, I was immediately hesitant.  I found the Cinderella live action film enjoyable, and Beauty and the Beast was pretty much perfect due to Hermione playing Belle, but I couldn't help thinking that the Genie is something with which you don’t want to mess.

Aladdin was one of the first movies with which my kids fell in love.  It had a brave princess for my daughter, a street rat turned Prince for my son, and the hilarious Genie for us adults.  Robin Williams brought the beloved Genie to life back in 1992 and we had never seen such a funny, quick-witted character before – with a plethora of different voices and impressions and it took several viewings to catch them all.   Mr. Williams changed the face of animated movies for the better and I was worried that his Genie would be lost in the cave of wonders of this remake.  

Opening night, I got my Agrabah shirt on, gathered my family with buckets of popcorn, and we were ready to see one of our favorite movies brought to life.  The opening scene of the new film is different than in the animated version letting you know right off the bat that this journey is going to a be a little bit different.  Then, Will Smith starts to sing – not rapping, but singing – and I found myself taking a deep breath and sitting back to enjoy the ride.  

The sets and the costumes are truly beautiful, and the cast quickly wins your heart.  Songs you’ve been singing for almost 30 years are brought back to life with a fresh twist.  An added empowered princess song made the soundtrack for the film a must-have for this Disney family’s collection.  In fact, it has already been downloaded.   

The character of Jafar is a great, creepy bad guy who gets our hero to enter the cave of wonders, and you know Abu is going to touch something he shouldn’t, and you can’t help but to find yourself begging him not too!  Carpet saves our duo’s lives and becomes part of our team telling Aladdin that the lamp is his only way out of the cave.  

With a simple rub of the lamp our long-lost friend comes back larger than life and all of a sudden you don’t care that he’s a little different than in the animated film, for you are so glad to see him realizing you really have never had another friend like him.  Abu, Rajah, and Iago make perfect companions, as before.  The film's CGI is so good you forget it’s there.  The instant friendship between the characterizations of Aladdin and Genie are heartwarming, and Will Smith’s Genie is particularly wonderful.  

Aladdin still wins the princess’s heart while staying true to himself, Jasmine becomes the leader of her people that she has always dreamed of being, and Genie gets an even better 'happily ever after' than before.  

My family left the theater singing “Friend Like Me” and making plans to go see the film again.

(Photo Credit:  Shutterstock)