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Ideas and Tips for Fun Spring Parties in Broomfield

May 01, 2019 11:48AM

By Elizabeth Buckingham

The bright, cheerful days of spring are thankfully here once again – and there are so many reasons to celebrate the season with a party! From Mother’s Day to graduations to bridal showers to no reason whatsoever, spring is the ideal time to host a gathering.

It seems obvious, but start by choosing a date and time. Is this adults-only, or is everyone included? Be specific on the invitation. If small children are invited, try to avoid common naptimes to keep the mood cheerful for all, and make sure you have plenty of food if you’ve chosen to host a gathering at a standard mealtime. Don’t try to accommodate everyone – there will always be guests who can’t make it. If it’s the season of graduation parties, however, know that you’re almost forced into having an open house-style event, because there are likely to be so many other parties happening at the same time. If it’s important that your event is the only one in town, choose your date accordingly.

Will the party have a theme? If it’s a graduation party, it’s easy to choose the décor based on school colors. Since weddings typically have color selections now too, bridal showers are a cinch to decorate for. If no obvious color scheme comes to mind, find a fun theme and base the décor, menu, and drinks around that. How about a luau? Or a Cinco de Mayo celebration? Derby Day? Maybe a garden party?

Especially in Colorado, the fickle spring weather might not be quite warm enough to host your gathering outside; plan your guest list carefully, just in case everyone ends up indoors. Is there enough space to keep things comfortable, and will there be lots of kids? If so, think about staging a playroom or child’s bedroom as a space for all the kids to hang out, with particularly precious toys or mementos removed for safekeeping.

The key to any successful party is to do as much as possible beforehand. Give the house and yard a good, thorough spring cleaning, and relegate everyday items that might be in the way of traffic flow. Shoes, mail, excess furniture, and kids’ toys can all be tucked away before the gathering and brought out again afterwards. Especially if the guest count is substantial, you and your guests will all appreciate the ability to move around the house easily. 

When planning a menu, choose simple, easy-to-make foods that can sit out at room temperature safely, and make sure to have at least one option for guests with dietary restrictions. Big platters of fresh cut fruit and vegetables are always popular! If the buffet will be outside, there needs to be plenty of shade and ice to keep things cool. Have the bar set up in a separate area, and make it easy for guests to prepare their own drinks; a pretty dish of useful bar tools will come in handy.

Save money and hassle by not stocking a full bar with every kind of drink imaginable. Instead, pre-mix a low-alcohol batched cocktail, like a Prosecco punch, and serve in pitchers with lots of ice on the side. Offer non-alcoholic options, too, like a refreshing mint lemonade, and have plenty of sparkling water on hand. Fun, festive garnishes, like cucumber slices, citrus wedges, and berries brighten up any drink.

Stationery stores and dollar stores are great places to find inexpensive décor options, and kids can easily be recruited to craft unique decorations. Create custom bunting in your event’s colors, and get the family to dress in those colors, too, to keep the theme cohesive. Fresh flowers and plants liven up any table, but if those aren’t in the budget, paper flowers are easily made with helpful Internet tutorials. Thrift store vases, baskets, and trays can be repurposed for decorative groupings of balloons, snacks, and favors. Don’t forget the lighting: inexpensive white candles and tiny Christmas lights go a long way towards creating an incredible atmosphere. String and test lights well in advance, and make sure to place candles in sturdy hurricanes if there is any danger of them blowing over. 

Always remember that the most important element of any party is a relaxed host. Do as much as you can in advance, then relax, grab a drink, and enjoy your guests. The more successful parties you have, the more you’ll want to have!