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Broomfield Cleanup – A Critical Component of Your Spring Cleaning Efforts

Apr 02, 2019 04:24PM

By Tina Eichner

One of the great services that the City of Broomfield offers its residents each year is the Spring Cleanup program. At our house, we always look forward to the program because it is such a great incentive to take stock of the “stuff” in your garage, backyard, and basement and easily eliminate those no-longer-needed items. It is also a wonderful way to remove some leftover project materials, waste, and some large non-functioning items from your property. 

*Be sure to check the details below and the lists on to ensure that the items you place for removal follow the City’s guide.

Usually held over three Saturdays in April and May, the City is expanding the program to four dates this year to accommodate growth in the community. The way it works is easy. Place your unwanted items out on the curb and the porch the night before your pickup day. Here are a few specific instructions.

Items for Donation

Suitable items for donation may be left on the porch or near the house and properly labeled for donation. The Broomfield Rotary and ARC Thrift Stores will remove these donation items the same day as your cleanup in order to help reduce the volume of items going to the landfill and also to help neighbors looking for affordable used products.

Waste Items

Waste items should be placed on the curb. Western Disposal will have two trucks picking up items, divided into recycling and waste. Therefore, please place your items for removal into two separate piles: recycling (wood and metal) and waste (other). 

Accepted Waste Items Include: 

            •           Scrap metal, carpet, wood doors, glass doors, cabinets, drywall, fencing materials, and scrap lumber (lightly stained or unpainted only)

            •           Non-freon appliances such as washers, dryers, ranges, dishwashers, microwave ovens, hot water heaters

            •           Furniture, bed frames, box springs, mattresses          

            •           Bicycles, swing sets, kiddie swimming and wading pools, lawn furniture, railroad ties, large tree stumps over 12" in diameter

            •           Barbeque grills may be included if the propane tank has been removed

            •           Lawnmowers, combustible engines, and transmissions may be included if all liquids have been drained and if they have been disassembled into parts weighing less than 100 pounds each

            •           Other miscellaneous, non-hazardous large "junk" items

There is an extensive list of items that cannot be removed on but basically hazardous materials, televisions, tires, computers, and other electronics will not be picked up and are not included in this program

Take it to the Landfill

The following items are also not included and should be taken to a landfill by the resident or through a commercial service:

            •           Soil

            •           Sod

            •           Concrete

            •           Brick

            •           Rock

            •           Grass clippings

            •           Garbage

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is not included in this program but Broomfield residents can take their household hazardous wastes to the Boulder County Hazardous Materials Management Facility year-round. The service is free, and no appointment is necessary. The facility is located at 1901 C 63rd St. in Boulder and is open Wednesday through Saturday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Call the Hotline at 303-441-4800 or Boulder County Resource Conservation Division at 720-564-2251 for more information.

The cleanup service will be offered on four consecutive Saturdays: April 20, April 27*, May 4, and May 11.* Note that an incorrect date was listed in the City’s Spring Program Guide; April 27 is correct. 

An area map that shows which neighborhoods will have cleanup on which dates will be posted on www.broomfield.orgin April. See the map to find your date.