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The Broomfielder

Easter Basket Alternatives and Bunny Butt Cake

Apr 01, 2019 08:37AM

By Lisa Payne

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. To me it symbolizes hope, new beginnings, and sunshine. Spring is in the air and my mood feels lighter and full of anticipation for the warmer days ahead. I can feel it from my kids as well. They are playing outside more and staying away from the tech. Halleluiah.

Amidst this positive energy and playful spirit, there is one thing I dread. More candy in the house. As parents we try to teach healthy choices, but with all the birthday parties, sporting events, and unending supply of seasonal holiday candy, it’s a real struggle.

This year we are leaving a note for the Easter bunny. We are asking for something that will nurture our souls in nature, bring us closer together as a family, and strengthen our bodies through nutrition and movement. We are asking for supplies to plant a garden!

Before you think I’m crazy or worry that you don’t have the space, hear me out. It doesn’t take a big yard or a lot of time. Containers on the patio work perfectly well, or even one placed in a sunny corner inside.  A few shovels, some seeds and soil, and you are set.  We are hoping the Easter bunny will also give us fun watering cans, gardening gloves, and sun hats. And maybe a book on gardening so that we can all learn a thing or two.  Also don’t forget to ask for gift cards to a nursery so you can pick out some budding plants together too!

For this to work well, one has to prep the kids so that they are excitedto write this note, a note asking for alternatives to candy. It may be difficult but it can be done. One thing kids crave is more time with their parents. Done! Not only will you spend a few hours preparing and planting these spaces together, you will be tending to it several times a week with water and weed removal. You can set a designated time right after dinner or first thing in the morning while still in your PJs. Fun!

Kids also like to have a say. Let them tell the Easter bunny what kinds of seeds and supplies they hope to get. Our favorite vegetables fresh from the garden include cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and snap peas.  They may actually askto eat these foods when they know they nurtured them to life.  

Last but not least, kids like to feel happy! They won’t even realize what is happening as they become more connected with family and mother earth. The sun improves their mood, digging in the dirty releases their anxieties, and their self esteem will blossom when they see the harvest they grew themselves. What a sweet gift from the Easter bunny after all!

This is just one idea as a replacement for candy. Let your mind explore the options that will be a good fit for your family. And for those still craving the sugar, below is a link to the recipe for our traditional family Easter cake which is fun to make with the kids. I’m pretty sure my kids just like the name.

Happy Easter!