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Broomfield Boot Camps for Adults

Mar 26, 2019 07:46AM
By Sara Lynn Baker, MS, CSCS

Colorado is often touted as one of the most active states in the country. Due to our active population, residents also have many structured fitness activities to choose from. Though traditional gyms still seem to be popular, boutique fitness studios – a studio that specializes in one type of class – continue to grow in numbers. Small group training studios such as CrossFit and Personal Training Studios are also popular. These two trends continue to grow for many reasons. 

One of the biggest appeals of boutique fitness is a sense of community. When attending a class or small group training session at one of these studios, you are often working out with a smaller group of people anywhere from 4 to 15 people vs. the larger commercial gyms which can have up to 50 people in a class. If you attend the classes or sessions at the same time fairly consistently, it is likely you will get to know fellow class members fairly well. Class participants also like the ease of attending a class. You can often show up a few minutes before class starts and be ready to workout vs. having to find a place to park in a massive lot, checking in, and then fighting for a spot in a large class. Broomfield is home to many small group training centers and boutique fitness studios such as CrossFit Profectus, Obstacle Destruction, CycleBar, Orange Theory, Core Power Yoga, and more.

Another favored fitness activity that continues to be popular are boot camps. Boot camps appeal to a wide variety of people for many reasons. Boot camps usually incorporate numerous components of fitness including strength, cardio, agility, core, and more.  Participants enjoy being able to get a complete all body workout in just one class. Boot camps are also appealing as various fitness levels and abilities can participate. With no complicated choreography to follow, participants can often work at their own pace while being challenged by the instructor. Completing different drills and exercises, sometimes in pairs or small groups adds camaraderie and enjoyment to the workout. In the spring and summer when weather permits, boot camps can be taken outside for new level of challenge, enjoyment, and motivation. Using equipment at parks such as benches, monkey bars, and other playground equipment, outdoor boot camps can almost feel like playing vs. working out. Adult summer boot camps are offered throughout Broomfield.  

Obstacle Destruction, a personal training studio located at 8 Garden Center in Broomfield will be offering boot camp style small group training this summer.  The class will be held both indoor at the studio as well as right outside their location at Midway Park.   The class is geared towards all fitness levels and will be an all body workout with both cardio and strength components. Chad Johnson, owner and a certified trainer, grew up in Broomfield and loves serving the community. Chad states that what makes Obstacle Destruction classes unique is the fact that they can utilize both the indoor and outdoor space.  “We also have created a tight knit community within the walls, but it is always open to anyone and everyone.”  Check out their website at for dates, times, and more information on the upcoming classes.  

The The Paul Derda Recreation Center will also be offering boot camps this summer. They will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. on the hill and the lawn behind the Recreation Center. They will also be offered at 5:15 a.m. and 6:15 a.m. at the Championship Field at the County Commons Park.  All boot camps are led by certified personal trainers and participants can choose how many days they would like to participate.  Sessions will run for six weeks and registration will open April 11 for residents on

CrossFit Profectus located off 287 on Alter Street offers small group training classes throughout the year.  CrossFit incorporates numerous components of fitness including strength, cardiovascular training, mobility, flexibility, and gymnastics, similar to a traditional boot camp class. Coach Graem Haarbye will often have participants running and doing other various exercises outside when the weather is nice. 

If you are looking for an enjoyable yet challenging workout as the weather warms-up, make sure to check out all the awesome fitness classes right here in Broomfield!