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The Broomfielder

Broomfield’s Open Spaces, Trails, and Parks are Calling You

Mar 01, 2019 05:36PM

By Dominic Battista

According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2010 Broomfield County was the second most densely populated county in the state of Colorado, second only to Denver County.  While that is in large part due to the fact that you need a magnifying glass just to find the county on a map (Colorado’s smallest by area), one might not expect to be able to get their fix of the outdoors in such a crowded community.  Perhaps you should take a closer look. 

Nearly 35% of Broomfield’s stomping ground is currently open lands – undeveloped lands such as open spaces, parks, golf courses, and conservation easements – and the City and County of Broomfield Open Space and Trails Department hopes to see that percentage climb to a noble 40%. The small but highly motivated group of public servants ultimately seeks to “acquire open space and create a comprehensive trail system that allows for the enjoyment of the outdoors and promotes a healthy environment for people, nature, and community.”

So, now you know they’re out there – the trusty local fishing hole, scenic green bike paths, that red-tailed hawk’s favorite gnarled cottonwood – but how do you find ‘em?  My first suggestion for you would be to set down your digital companion, grab some bread crumbs, and go on a journey…yep, outside.  If you get lost, Broomfield has plenty of friendly neighbors to help guide you home. However, if you’re looking to entertain your inner cyborg, Broomfield’s Open Space and Trails Team has been developing some new virtual bread crumbs that 1) won’t get you lost and 2) may just lead you right to your new favorite local outdoor happy place. 

Navigate to and start exploring all of the fresh air Broomfield has to offer.  The new interactive web map gives you the rundown of every Broomfield open space, trail, and park.  Quick descriptions of each location provide you with information on area features and amenities like picnic tables, parking lots, barbeque pits, trail surface types, public art, wildlife viewing areas, and more.  The further you zoom in on a location, the more features and their pinpoint locations are revealed.  Looking to cover some ground?  Information on trail system connectivity and mileage is also available so you can scope out your next route.  Want to see what’s close to home?  Use the “show me where I am” feature and discover that hidden pond down the street.  If you’re not sure a new park or trail has what you’re looking for, browse through dozens of pictures and decide for yourself.  

“We wanted it to supply a single convenient location for the public to explore all of the amenities and opportunities that these areas provide[…]we really wanted to bring it home and bring about what specifically makes Broomfield open spaces and parks what they are,” said Eleanor Lanaghan – Broomfield’s Open Space and Trails Technician. 

We all need a break from our smart thingies. For the most part, they are what has us so distanced from the natural world.  In this case, let yours bring you back to that world.  Go see what makes Broomfield’s open spaces and parks the great local treasure that they are.