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The Broomfielder

To Staycation or Vacation, That is the Question

Mar 01, 2019 05:13PM

By Lisa Payne

My kids love to watch YouTube hacks. They learn everything from how to make homemade face masks and how to best cut watermelon to how to pack a suitcase.  I will never forget the day I was packing for a short trip and my then four-year-old came into my room to show me a better way to pack.  I was neatly folding my clothes and he proceeded to tightly roll together the complete outfit.  Top, pants, socks, underwear.  Loved it! He found my bag of toiletries collected from hotel stays and took the shower caps and put one over each shoe. Brilliant. I had so much leftover room in my suitcase after he was finished that I vowed to let YouTube be our friend, not our enemy.  He was learning!

As spring break approaches, it's likely plans have already been made. Some of you may choose a staycation, others a warm destination, and yet others prefer to hit the slopes.  Plans or no plans, here are some thoughts to ponder as the week approaches.

Quality over quantity. Our first real spring break trip with our kids was so chock full of plans and schedules that when I returned home I didn’t remember any quality time with my kids at all.  We spent our time rushing around and seeing more than we will ever remember.  I felt a little empty.  And exhausted.  While I do like to get out and see the sights, now I make sure to plan more down time amidst the fun.

Savor the down time. When we took our kids to Disneyworld, I was terrified.  I don’t love crowds, long lines, or rushing.  I like my downtime.  I thought for sure this trip would not be a good fit for me.  What I found was completely opposite.  I liked the long lines!  The two hour wait times in line meant I had my kids’ attention for TWO HOURS without screen time.  We had real conversations, we people watched, and we played silly games.  And you know what?  Not many other people were on technology either.  People were just existing together in the big crowded space and everyone was happy.  That just doesn’t happen often these days and it was so nice to see that people can do it. We can just beand we will all survive.

Don’t compare. It can be tough when your friends have big elaborate plans and you don’t.  Do what feels right for your family.  Don’t plan a trip with the vision of how it will look on social media. Plan with the intention of how it will make you feel.  Are you craving people, places, or pool?  Pure laziness or lots of movement?  Close your eyes and create your vision.

And don’t forget to roll those outfits together!