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A Precious Child Helps Struggling Families

Feb 11, 2019 01:21PM

By Tabatha Stewart

Every parent is faced with the challenge of raising their children, maintaining a household and balancing a budget. Those struggles become even more challenging when economic or personal changes occur, including unemployment, illness, divorce or domestic violence. When tough times hit, parents often are forced to swallow their pride and seek outside assistance in meeting their children’s needs. 

 Knowing there were children within the Denver metro area who were going without basic necessities is something that Carina Martin, CEO and Founder of A Precious Child  found unacceptable. With a desire to help, Martin started A Precious Child in 2008, which, to date, has helped more than 275,000 children and their parents.

A Precious Child started in Carina’s garage,” said Alissa M. Trumbull, Director of Development and Marketing. “She began taking donations of clothes and household items, and networking with partners throughout the community to help families going through tough times.”

The non-profit organization, which partners with local organizations such as police and fire departments, health and human services, schools, foster care organizations, shelters, food banks,and church groups, allows families referred to them to come shop intheir resource center in Broomfield, to shop for clothing, coats, shoes, toys, books, toiletries and household items for the entire family—free of charge.

“Our goal is to make sure that everyone who comes into our Resource Center has an empowering, dignified and respectful experience every time they come into shop” said Trumbull. “We don’t ever want our clients to feel embarrased about needing our services in order to provide for their children.” 

The Resource Center is set up like a store, with clothing racks and shelves full of household items, and is filled through generous donations from the community, which, according to Trumbull, includes nearly 4,000 pounds of donations processed each day.

“We are so fortunate to have a community that really supports us and thinks of us when they donate,” said Trumbull. “We are careful to make sure everything that makes it to our store floor is of high quality, so when families come to shop they are getting clothes that are clean, not outdated and help make them feel confident.”

A Precious Child partners with 440 agencies along the Front Range that help identify and refer families for A Precious Child's  services. Once referred, families receive a voucher that allows them to shop for everyone in the family, and can return every four months for another free shopping trip.

The organization moved into their new location in Broomfield near 120th and Main, last year, and now have 26,000 feet of space, which enables them to help even more Colorado children in need. 

In addition to providing families with household items, A Precious Child also provides several other services, including basic necessities for families with infants, backpacks filled with grade-appropriate school supplies, equipment and participation fees for sports and arts activities, and gifts for children during the holiday season and for birthdays. Last year they provided 11,000 Christmas gifts to children in the most need in our community.

In 2018, the organization was supported by almost more than 6,700 volunteers. “Our volunteers are amazing,” said Trumbull. “Every volunteer hour counts.”

The organization relies heavily on volunteers, and offers corporate volunteer programs as well as individual opportunities. For more information visit, or contact Alissa at [email protected] or Nichole Karpinsky, Director of Volunteer Services, at 303-466-4272 ext. 103 or [email protected].