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The Broomfielder

The Upside of The Upside

Jan 29, 2019 10:23AM

By Missy Ruzicka

We all have that day where we just want to turn off our brain and go to the movies for a laugh. That’s what I was aiming for on this frigid Sunday afternoon.  I was looking forward to a mindless comedy where hopefully all the funny parts weren’t already shown in the previews, when I was pleasantly surprised to find that this movie offers so much more than the cheap laugh.  I came out of the movie with a warm heart and lots of conversation for the drive home.  The comedy I speak of is The Upside, starring Kevin Hart and Brian Cranston.  I’d seen the trailer and knew that Brian’s character was a quadriplegic and that Kevin’s character somehow lands a job as his caregiver. What I was expecting was a buddy movie with Kevin Hart being the comic relief.

Now I don’t like to give away spoilers because I hate when I read a movie review and the reviewer goes scene by scene telling you the nuances of the film and you can’t stop reading but then when your done you could just skip the movie because you know exactly what’s going to happen – so I won’t do that.  

What makes this a fun afternoon movie was the fact that it wasn’t just a buddy comedy but a movie about two gentlemen with very different lives, coming together and making a huge impact in the other’s life without meaning too.  

Dell, Kevin Hart’s character goes in for a job interview and accidentally stumbles into the wrong interview, while Phillip, Cranston’s character has his own reasons for hiring the most unqualified person on the list.  We quickly learn that both these men have had some seriously hard times in their lives making them who they are.  

As we join these men on their new-found partnership, we get little glimpses into their pasts and even though both men have had a run of bad luck, one’s bad luck is not worse than the other, it’s just different.  Both men come into this arrangement from different backgrounds and very different life experiences and by sharing and listening to one another, they give each other life lessons they never imagined.  Dell is a fly by the seat of the pants kind of guy, who says what he means even when he shouldn’t say it out loud, while Phillip is more reserved and carefully plans out every single minute of his day.  

They enjoy their differences and even learn that sometimes the other way of doing things isn’t so bad and sometimes you find a life altering friendship where you least expect it. There are plenty of laughs because, let’s face it, Kevin Hart is a funny man but even Cranston’s straight-laced character had me laughing out loud more then once.  It is towards the end of the movie that I realize that I’m tearing up at this special friendship that neither man was looking for, nor did either man knew they had found.  That’s The Upside.