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Just Add Water! Swimming Lessons in Broomfield

Jan 15, 2019 02:47PM

By Allison Eichner

Even though we’re just settling into the winter season, it is time to start thinking about summer time. There’s no better time to start prepping new swimmers for the summer months than right now in the winter. The Broomfield City and County offers swim lessons all year round for all ages. As a lifeguard and swim instructor for the past three years, I can testify to the value of getting kids in the pool now, rather than in April or May.      

It can be overwhelming when trying to choose the right class for a child’s skill level. The first thing to consider is age; all the classes are primarily broken up by age and then by skill level. Next is the child’s comfort and familiarity with being in the water. For babies and toddlers, the child’s independence should also be considered. Parent tot is a great class for babies who can’t learn independently yet, and for toddlers who want to try swimming with mom or dad before learning to swim on their own.  

For older kids, there are some pretty clear indicators that can help identify their skill level. The most important thing is getting their head wet. Whether that be small splashes on their hair or bobbing their whole head underwater, the child’s willingness or weariness of getting their head wet usually dictates if they should be in a basic class or advanced class. The other skills needed for swim lessons are the probably the same things expected of kids at school: good listening skills, can follow directions and rules, and an eagerness to learn and try their best. 

If these suggestions didn’t help narrow down a class, new students are always welcome to take a swim test. Any lifeguard or manager can administer a swim test. The test has the child jump into the pool and swim about 15 yards and then float on their back. From there, the teacher is able to give a more accurate recommendation. 

For kids, teens, or adults who are just now learning to swim or would like some more personalized instruction, private lessons are the best option. Private instructors work one-on-one with students to achieve individual goals and give specific feedback. Private lessons are the best fit for kids who may get distracted in a group class or are having trouble mastering one specific stroke.  

In Broomfield, classes are being held at the Paul Derda Recreation Center while the Broomfield Community Center is under construction. To register for classes visit and go to the recreation tab or go to