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The Broomfielder

Broomfield Adult Rec Volleyball, Basketball Leagues Prepare to Hit the Court

Dec 27, 2018 10:44AM

By Josh Rasmussen

The new year is here and people with exercise- and adventure-themed New Year’s resolutions looking for creative ways to keep them intact might want to take a look at Broomfield’s spring recreational sports—volleyball and basketball. Not only are they a great source of exercise, but they’re fun and great for people hoping to make new friends. 

“I count basketball as a workout. Our team started playing basketball so we could get in shape, then we realized we needed to get in shape to play basketball,” said Sarah Montoya, 13-year rec sports veteran and player/manager of women’s softball, women’s basketball, women’s volleyball and coed volleyball teams in Broomfield. “You can be working out on other days as well. I know if I don’t work out today, I’m not going to be as good running up and down the court tomorrow.”

Broomfield finished its fall, coed volleyball season in mid-November, but has a spring league preparing to start in early March on Tuesday nights. There is also a women’s league which runs March through May on Thursdays. The women’s league has enough players to facilitate two skill levels—upper and lower rec. Teams play with six people and most rosters hold about eight players, including substitutes who can rotate in and help with scheduling issues.

Basketball is also about to start. Registration is already open for the men’s 40-plus and the women’s three-on-three leagues. Angela Deiler, City of Broomfield recreation supervisor, said the three-on-three leagues work pretty well because teams only need about five people on a roster. Broomfield has other men’s leagues as well, but Deiler said they are more geared toward summer. There is also a men’s season that runs November through February.

“It’s about fun. It’s about safety,” Deiler said, “getting out and meeting new people and competing in a sport you love, have played, enjoy or want to learn more about. It’s an opportunity for you to get out and have your one night of fun.”

Rec sports are meant to be inclusive, social activities and inviting for everyone. All are welcome to try, even if a sport is new. The community of players and the culture within the sports is such that a person can elevate his or her game along the way.

 “The majority of teams are there to have fun, but also to play,” Montoya said. “I know on our teams, we’ve all started for the first time playing, then gradually coerced people to join us and every year they develop their skills even more. There are people who are just starting for the first time. It takes a little time to find your groove, but anybody could start, definitely. Any skill level is welcome and it’s ok if you make mistakes. That’s what got us to branch out to other sports. We know they’ll help us if we need help.” 

She said one of her friends who recently moved from out of state now plays every sport with her. Montoya added she’s now friends with all the people she plays against too. 

“Broomfield fosters that community of everybody being able to learn and work together to have fun,” she said. “People are surprised when I tell them I play so many sports. They think I must have been a college athlete or had a lot of experience, but then I tell them about the relationships I’ve built and community I’ve built within them and the healthy lifestyle playing sports encompasses. It keeps me interested in it.”

Fees for the local sports range from $250-$350 and are paid in as a team, meaning the individual contributions are determined by the number of players on the team and divided accordingly. A team’s games are played on the same night each week and can range from one to two hours max. Individual schedules are managed with the teams. 

“Maybe this is your kick start to get back into the groove,” Montoya said. “I prefer to play a sport instead of working out and that keeps me motivated.”

Learn more about Broomfield’s adult and youth recreational sports opportunities, find rules for each sport, and add your name to the free agent list at