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Broomfield Chamber's Sam Taylor Looks Ahead to 2019

Dec 27, 2018 10:16AM

By Sam Taylor, President and CEO of  the Broomfield Chamber of Commerce

 When January rolls around everyone starts looking back at what they did the year before and what they can do better in the upcoming year. Like any successful business, your Broomfield Chamber of Commerce is doing the exact same thing. While I am writing this in December, we have gone through enough of the year to know what has gone well, what hasn’t, and hopefully we figure out how to make an even greater impact in 2019 on the issues our members say are important.

In 2018 we put out an annual survey, and while many of the responses were expected, we got quite a lot of new feedback. Our highest rated program is our After Hours. This came from the hosts and guests alike. The hosts love showing off their location, and the guests like to visit businesses they have not been to before and being able to meet new people in the community. This program will not only continue, we will look for new ways to improve these events, and provide more networking opportunities. Other programs that had large support on the survey were our Member Spotlights and Ribbon Cuttings. This was interesting because we sometimes struggle to get people to attend. It seems businesses find value in having them and see the value in attending, but often are not able to attend for one reason or another. This is something we need to improve for our new and existing businesses.

When it comes to business needs, the three biggest issues of 2018 will probably be the same for 2019: transportation, workforce housing, and lack of skilled workforce for the positions available. All three of these go hand in hand. The blessing of an increased number of high paying jobs means more people living here which reduces our housing stock, causing prices to go up. Many of these people, however, can’t afford to live here because housing pricing are increasing faster than wages and employees must buy or rent further away, putting an increased amount of traffic on our highways.  And of course, these wonderful jobs drive down our unemployment rate making it harder for our businesses to fill positions. We don’t have a magic wand to solve these issues, but your Broomfield Chamber of Commerce will continue to work with the City and County of Broomfield, the North West Chamber Alliance, Commuting Solutions, our learning institutions, and other organizations to bring together stakeholders regarding these issues and work to keep Broomfield the business friendly community it is today.