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Recognizing Angels in Broomfield

Nov 06, 2018 02:16PM

Recognizing Angels in Broomfield this Holiday Season

In the September and October issues we asked readers to share a few words about a special person who... selflessly gives to the community... is committed to a cause or organization... helps others in the neighborhood... simply makes their own corner of the world a better place, or... inspires with their generosity of time, treasure or talent. We were looking for those quiet, unsung local angels who embody giving and deserve a round of thanks. Thank you to everyone who shared appreciation for a special friend and thank you to our Angels! You make Broomfield a better place for all of us!

Holy Comforter Episcopal Church

We met with Jackson Dreiling in April of 2018 about the idea of offering respite care to families with young kids with special needs. Without blinking an eye he said, “We would love to support this idea and think that it is a great need in our community.”  After that day, others at the church, including Rev. Kim, The Rev. William, Jackson, Sunday School Staff, and Office Staff have been nothing but gracious, loving, and supportive. Thanks to them, Lil’ Friends is now up and running. Alleluia! They are all truly angels at The Holy Comforter Episcopal Church.

~Nominated by Shelly Cox and Ange Shores, Lil’ Friends


Barbara Schipper has shared her joy and talents for 30 years as the director of the Broomfield Civic Chorus. Her choir shares her love of music and deep affection for Broomfield at their concerts throughout the year. From Veteran’s Day to the Christmas tree lighting to the Memorial Day concert in the spring, Barbara Schipper and her Civic Chorus are there.

~Nominated by Joan Robinson


Carmen Albiniak looks like an angel to us here in Gate ‘N Green.  She serves on our board of directors and can be seen almost any time the weather permits tending one of our half dozen or so mini flower gardens.  She also coordinates the community gardens at the Salvation Army and tends one for FISH so they can have fresh produce during the summer.  She even provides rides and does errands for some of our people who can’t do so for themselves anymore.

~Nominated by Shirley R. Orr

Leslie Halstead-Nyachikanda

Leslie is inspirational, selfless, kind, and has dedicated her life to helping others. She runs the “Broomfield Moms Volunteer Group,” whose mission is to volunteer their time and talents to enriching the community and making a difference in the lives of residents of all ages. Past events have included volunteering at Broomfield FISH, packing bags for Meals on Wheels, putting together chemo kits for cancer patients, and many other projects. In addition, Leslie and her sister-in-law run a non-profit in South Africa, which serves young girls who do not have access to menstrual care. 

~Nominated by Alison Hanson

Robert (Bob) Langness

Bob (80) regularly helps elderly friends around their homes and yards with wiring, mechanical or other problems.  He cares for six neighbors’ cats and dogs while they are at work. On trash day he sets out a cooler with cold water for the trash men. 

~Nominated by Joe McGowan Jr. 

Edith Martin 

Edith (94) has lived in Broomfield since 1958. She has been an active member of Broomfield United Methodist Church since arriving in Broomfield. She was a driving force in organizing a church van to provide transportation to seniors on Sunday mornings. Edith is a current member and has held leadership positions in a philanthropic organization, TTT. The TTT organization’s mission is to provide summer camp opportunities for girls. Helping the homeless is one of the causes nearest to Edith’s heart. Until a couple of years ago, you could find Edith at the BUMC kitchen every Saturday morning, preparing meals that would later be delivered to the homeless in Denver. Today, Edith is crocheting sleeping mats made of plarn (plastic grocery bags, cut and woven together like yarn) to be donated to the homeless. She has spent her life dedicated to helping others. 

~ Nominated by Laura Horesh

Colleen Sawyer

Colleen Sawyer is a Mamie Dowd Eisenhower Library angel.  She is full of energy and passion that supports programs that benefit adults, teens, and children.  A tireless worker behind the scenes, she runs several  book sales during the year and manages the wonderful brick walk program that’s outside the library.

~Nominated by Mary J.