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Impact Your Community with Just $1 per Day through iGIVE365

Nov 01, 2018 02:13PM

Impact Your Community with Just $1 per Day through iGIVE365: 

A New Collective Giving Opportunity from the Broomfield Community Foundation

What if you could make a major impact in the Broomfield community with a very small daily investment? What if that small investment helped dozens of organizations and thousands of individuals here in our own community? What if helping your fellow citizens was as easy as sending a text?

By supporting the Broomfield Community Foundation’s iGIVE365 program you can be part of a program that does all of this all of this and much more. iGIVE365 is designed to encourage individuals to discover the satisfaction of giving and the collective impact that we can make together.  The innovative program provides members with the opportunity to pool their money and, for just a dollar a day, to make a significant impact on the entire community.  Members are exposed to a wide range of social issues, community-based efforts, and the community change agents working to address them. 

“Together, we can do more and all make a difference,” said Broomfield Community Foundation Executive Director Marianna Williamson. “By committing to giving just $365 – a dollar a day – those daily dollars are pooled with others in the community and go towards grants funded by the Broomfield Community Foundations in the upcoming year.”

In 2017, the Broomfield Community Foundation funded 65 local non-profits and initiatives that directly impacted residents by supporting human services, arts and humanities, seniors, and civic and education programs and organizations.

The program empowers participants to help direct dollars committed. Once per year each fall, iGIVE365 members will have the opportunity to collectively select the philanthropic projects and programs that are most important to them.  Based on member feedback and the top areas of interest, six finalists will be selected to submit video applications for a $10,000 Impact Grant, and members will vote to select the most compelling need.

“This year, the Foundation did not have enough resources to fund the amount requested by the 60+ area non-profits’ grant applications.  If only 329 individuals signed up as iGIVE365 members, we could fully fund the requests that came in this year,” explained Williamson. “Think of the impact each iGIVE365 member could have. With just 274 iGive365 members we will add $100,000 to our annual grant distribution,” she added.

She explained that the grantees and Impact Grant finalists will be announced in September, and that iGIVE365 participants will be updated on the status of grants, and provided an opportunity to view final reports, hear success stories of the programs funded, and even participate in iGIVE365 member service projects and site visits throughout the year with featured grantees.

The opportunity is not just designed for individual contributors. Businesses that want to encourage community involvement and giving among their employees need look no further than iGiVE365.

Some companies have actively encouraged employees to join and have either fully or partially matched employee memberships. Others have chosen a particular amount they are willing to donate and matched all new employee memberships up to that amount. Smaller companies have sponsored one or two employees at the $365 level so that employees could participate without paying anything.

And businesses can become Business Impact Members by joining for $365 per month (or an annual payment of $4,380).

To learn more and become an iGive365 Member, visit or text the code IGIVE365 to 44321.